The people behind the

Who are the people behind the Open Filmmaking Network?

First and foremost: our members. They are all enthusiastic, talented, nice people with a passion for filmmaking.

Then there's us organizers.

We are Elwín, René, László, and Angélica, organizers of the Open Filmmaking Network. We are living and working in the Netherlands, and we are passionate filmmakers.


started making movies with his parents' Sony Video8 camera halfway trough the nineties. When a tv-capture card made it possible to transfer footage to the computer, the magical world of editing opened up for him. He edited dozens of movies ever since and he has a preference for fiction. The perfect blend of the technical & the creative is what made him fall in love with editing as well as the powerful means it is as a way of storytelling. In addition to his great love for sarcastic comedy & sci-fi, he has a soft spot for interactive narratives.


has his roots in analog photography as well as analog (8mm, 16mm) filmmaking. He likes to focus on cinematography, directing and editing. Loves the esthetics of modern-day cameras coupled with high-quality vintage lenses, many of which are older than himself. Has once been called "the low budget cow", due to his habit of churning out movies with little resources. A minimalist approach inspired by the less-is-more philosophy and a penchant for the weird, surreal and the abstract, are the pillars upon which he aims to create worlds that are both fantastical and believable, yet totally different to each observer.


has grown up in the VHS mania of the 1980's and 1990's and was pulled towards photography and film-making from an early age. He has been working in the 2D and 3D animation film industry for two decades in differing roles with several diversions into working as a photographer, journalist and teacher. Although he has an interest in writing, directing and editing, he is a jack-of-all-trades, and dabbles in many fields from drones, through VFX to children's book authoring. Apart from trying to find matching visuals and camerawork to stories he finds great joy in critically dissecting contemporary films.


started her journey with putting up plays together with her siblings. She performed in front of a camera as a teenager when a group of friends were lucky to get a hold of one. Later she studied acting in London, done theatre on stage and been involved in independent filmmaking behind and in front of camera. Her drive in acting and film derives from her passion for people's interactions and behaviors. She sees the silent moments of scenes as a gift, a beautiful, creative open space in which both the actors and the audience fuse in a wordless, creative atmosphere.

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