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The Open Filmmaking Network (OFN for short) is the place to be in The Netherlands if filmmaking is your passion and you want to connect to kindred spirits. We don't care where you are from, or what you do. All that matters is that you feel a passion for filmmaking.

 Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and founded in April 2018 as the Filmmaking Meetup, we are a non-profit, collective breeding ground for new films made by passionate filmmakers from beginner to professional. Numerous successful films have already been realized by filmmakers who met and started collaborating here. New friendships have been formed as well.

From shorts to documentary & animation, anything goes.

No matter if you are just starting out, or if you are a (more or less) experienced actor, writer, director, composer, sound designer, or ...

 We welcome all filmmaking enthusiasts!

Filmmaking events


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(to be announced)


>> Feb 18, 2024 <<
Filmmakers - let's meet again!
@ Lebowski Utrecht

>> Feb 17, 2024 <<
Let’s write something good!
@ Slachtstraat Filmtheater Utrecht

>> Dec 10, 2023 <<
Filmmakers - show your work!
@ Stadstuin Utrecht

>> Nov 26, 2023 <<
Filmmakers - let's meet!
@ Lebowski Utrecht

How can I join?

That’s simple - join us on Discord!

Our Discord channel is the beating heart of the OFN. Here you can ask & discuss all things filmmaking, look for feedback or for a crew.

It is also the place to keep up with & join filmmaking events!

Registration is open to anyone and will always be free.

Create an account & see you on Discord!

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